ZaxCode: First Post on Process

project image

First developmental process post.. I'm a bit behind posting this. I've already started development on the site and have made pretty good progress so far. The tech stack I'm using is JS, React, Gatsby, CSS, and I'm using Ghost to talk about my process. My portfolio, ZaxCode, will be a SPA with a section that will display different content depending on the state. The first tab will be the about tab. This tab will display info about me! The projects tab will show past and present projects. each project will have a dynamic card pulling from a post made about that project. I'm going to incorporate a like button on each card that will persist like count totals but not for individual users. I thought about building in signup and authentication and decided it seemed strange to have someone sign up for my portfolio site just to show skill. Next is the blog tab. There will be posts like this one talking about features, problems, and processes. Finally, the resume tab will display my resume, pretty straightforward.