Search and the Future

project image

Starting on my first piece of nontrivial functionality! Today I'm going to be working on a search feature to sort through posts I've written. So first step, I'll set up a text input box in the blog section. Then I'll reference the query where I'm pulling in my posts and try storing that in an object. Once it's in an object I can use a filter or includes to sort through posts and return the ones that include what has been typed. First time setting up any sort of search so I'll need to look into it a bit more to make sure I'm approaching the problem from the best angle. Once the search feature is up it's either going to be the dark mode or like button functionality.  I haven't decided the best way to implement dark mode yet, however, I'm leaning towards dynamically loading separate style sheets. For the like button, I'll need to learn how to persist data... and for dark mode, I'll need to use local storage to hold user settings.